Trying to put a value on a personal injury case can be difficult. There are many factors that an attorney has to look at when trying to decide what a personal injury case is worth. Things like who’s at fault for the accident, how bad was the injury, how has your life been affected, what are your medical bills, how is your future life going to be affected, all of those things are factors that an attorney has to look at when deciding the value on a case.

Additional Information

This can be a tough one. There is no industry formula of three times your medical bills. Although most cases never go to court, your case is worth what a jury of 12 people would find fair in compensation for what you’ve lost. The law allows you to ask for payment of your medical bills, lost wages and any property damage.

You are also entitled to be reimbursed for things sometimes hard to value. Scarring, disfigurement, mental anguish, disability and the toll the injury has taken on your lifestyle must be considered. Every case, like every person, is different. If you have anything other that a minor injury, seek legal advice from an attorney who is an expert in this area. Ask how many cases like yours they’ve handled.

Don’t rely on the other driver’s insurance adjuster to give you legal advice. A lawyer can explain your rights, answer your questions and tell you the cost and time it takes if your case can’t be resolved through negotiation. Most lawyers will do this first interview for free. An experienced attorney can also tell you what cases like yours are bringing in the courts.