Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Victims injured in motorcycle accidents face a different burden than those in a typical auto accident.

There is always a certain percentage of the public that feels motorcycles are dangerous and their drivers hard to see. They think people hurt or disabled on motorcycles should accept the fact they are engaging in a risky activity.

At times, it seems people have more sympathy for the driver of the car who failed to see the motorcycle than they do for the injured motorcyclist. The law does not give motorcyclists any less rights than those operating a car. You have exactly the same right to compensation and the same privileges of people who choose to transport themselves in sedans.

An attorney handling a motorcycling injury has to understand this prejudice and confront it head on. Our office has handled scores of cases for motorcyclists over the last 30 years. Put our experience to work for you. Let us make sure you get all the compensation you deserve if injured on your bike.

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