Don and the staff made me feel they really cared about me and were helpful with all of my questions. I would refer anyone who needs a an injury lawyer to Don at NW Injury Law Center.

Aileen Gillespie

I liked the professional, yet personal way that I was taken care of. I can’t think of anything that would improve your services. You are a great firm that takes care of business and keeps clients up to date.

Ava Castro

I would highly recommend your services. I would not have been able to deal with the onslaught of calls by myself. It was burdensome and you all made it better.

Kim Bryant

Working with Don Jacobs and his staff turned a bad situation into a best possible outcome for me. I was in an accident where I broke my back. Because I had other, significant medical problems at the time of the accident, my situation was complicated but I believe Don did an excellent job of separating my health issues from issues relating to my accident. In the end, we got the highest possible, out of court settlement possible, much more than I think Don or I expected to get. And they brought the offer to us! I found Don Jacobs as a result of his having the highest recommendations compared to all the other PI attorneys in the area and I am happy to recommend him to you now. You will be pleased with his communication during the process and you will likely, I believe, do better than with anyone else.

Michael Roeper

I honestly can say I never thought it would be “pleasant” to deal with attorneys, but this law firm changed my perspective. It was a good and positive experience following a very painful and upsetting one! The auto accident was made much less stressful because of your office. I was completely satisfied. Thank you again for all your hard work on my behalf!  

Jeannie Abbott

“I had a very positive experience. The professionalism, expertise and thoroughness is second to none.”

Anthony Finley

I would like to say thank you again very much for all your help with my personal injury claim. Thank you also to your staff with whom I was in contact at various times. I felt very comfortable with the service I received from your office. This was very important to me because it was my first experience in retaining an attorney. If any family members or friends are ever injured and need legal assistance, I would most certainly recommend them to your firm. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. I was very satisfied with the handling of my case.

Carol J. Larson

I liked the personal attention and the fact that I felt like I was not just another case. You made it painless and took all the stress away.

Terra Dawn Wiest

Awesome – thank you for everything! When I had questions, they were always met with kindness.

Jody A. Fox

I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me through my accident. I felt my case was handled very well. The staff was extremely friendly and Mr. Jacobs spoke to me, not at me.

Tiffany Ueltschi

I was very nervous about having to retain a lawyer, but after my first meeting with Mr. Jacobs I knew I made a good choice.

Diane S. Collins

Everybody was wonderful and very helpful. I would recommend you to others because I feel you did all that you could do and were always willing to answer questions. My case was handled excellently. The attorney and paralegal go the extra mile for the client! I always felt like I wouldn’t or couldn’t be treated any better, even if I were paying $500 an hour for services. I was always greeted warmly both in person and over the phone. I would recommend you to others without hesitation! I already have, and whenever I hear of someone needing a lawyer I will always advise them to see you. You did a great job and thank you.

Richard D. Hill

Organized, confident, realistic, honest and great attorney/client communication. Very trustworthy and valued me as a client as opposed to just another case.

Nancy Seher

“Outstanding, friendly and professional. You can depend on them.”

Olivia Jarvi

Don and his staff were always on the ball returning my calls, answering my questions and responding to my e-mails. I was pleased with the outcome and highly recommend NW Injury Law Center.

Art Liss

“My case was handled professionally and promptly. No complaints here. I tell people you’re great to work with and you work very hard for your client. I know you’ll do the same for them. Thank you for all the time and work you put into my case!”

– Tammi Norton

“You were always available and had time for my questions. I recommend you to others because of your honesty, integrity and promptness.”

– Janice Ross

I felt that everyone at your law firm cared for my well being. You explained everything in layman’s terms and were always concerned about my interest.

Steve Trujillo

How do we rate how our case was handled? Outstanding! The attorney and paralegal were very personable and easy to talk to — no legal “mumbo jumbo” that we couldn’t understand. Because of the relaxed atmosphere of the whole office and staff, we were treated like friends, not clients.

Delores E. and Ben Frye

We didn’t have to worry about anything. Mr. Jacobs handled everything well.

Robert & Esther Cole

I was made to feel very confident in my case at the very beginning after talking with Mr. Jacobs. Every time I called they were very friendly and informative. I would recommend Mr. Jacobs to others, and although I hope I never need to again, it’s nice to know I have your firm to turn to. The handling of my case was outstanding!

Juanita McHargue

From “Day One” my case was handled outstanding. Your staff has very good customer service. No improvement needed.

Patty Shenefelt

Very helpful and cooperative. I put myself in your hands and you did it all. Thanks!

W. Bussien

My case was handled very quickly and professionally. Thank you.

Eloise Hawkins

“The handling of our case was outstanding. I would recommend your firm to others. “

Maurice & Lilly Thompson

“Don was very helpful and friendly. Everything was great. I would recommend you to others.”

Alicia Magana

Don is a great attorney, very helpful, upfront and tells you what’s going on with your case. Don is an attorney that is easy to talk to and that is what’s nice for a client. Your office help are friendly and helpful, pleasant to be around. I will tell anyone who needs an attorney about you folks.

Kaye Struck

You returned my telephone calls promptly, and your staff was very helpful. I would recommend your firm to others.

Nannette E. Ramirez

The handling of my case was outstanding. The way we were treated by everyone on the staff was wonderful. You were very prompt in returning telephone calls, and professional in appearance and actions.

Regina A. Smith

I felt very confident in both of you, or all of you. I also appreciate the caring and concern. Very neat office, and the employees were very professional. My impression was that you are very professional and friendly. I am pleased with the time and effort spent on my case.

Belinda Sjogren

Great job – treated well by all office staff. Your office staff was very nice and polite – very professional.

Kimberly Tribe

Your firm was friendly, professional and knowledgable. I would recommend you to others.

Cathleen Stephens

Mr. Jacobs was very knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations. He broke my stereotypical view of injury attorneys.

Cory Fitzgibbon

I was very satisfied with the handling of my case. Mr. Jacobs was very thorough, straightforward and always answered my questions and concerns. I wasn’t treated like a number. Thank you very much Don!

Joni K. Vessey.

With all the setbacks with my case, you were always optimistic and helped me stay positive. I didn’t have to worry or do a whole lot except try to get better; you handled all the stress for me.

Thanks! Anon

Mr. Jacobs was not only very knowledgeable and kind, but was always honest with me – with both the good and the bad.

Alicia King

Thank you for serving me so well with the lawsuit. You two make a great team of competence and kindness in your approach. I appreciate how you helped me through the process for a fair settlement. I will recommend you to others.

Nancy Gierut-Wicker

“Always kept me in the loop, handled my case fast!”

Glenda Horton

My experience with NW Injury Law Center, Don Jacobs. I am a busy, single mother of three and when I was rear-ended, I was frustrated at all the red tape and forms and interviews, etc., that the insurance companies and physicians wanted from me. I chose to contact Don Jacobs at NW Injury Law Center and I am SO glad that I did. They handled everything for me. No more hassle with phone calls, forms, issues with medical bills, etc. Not only were Don and his team knowledgeable and professional, but they were friendly, compassionate and flexible to meet my needs and help resolve my issues. This was a law firm that didn’t make me feel like they were out for their own gain. I truly felt that they were there to help me. I was also very pleased with the outcome of my case.

From Google

Great job! Friendly, helpful, calls returned promptly. Would recommend Don if I ever run across anyone needing help!

Patricia Molen

“I had a great experience and truly felt taken care of as a client! I appreciate all the hard work done on my case and was satisfied with how it was settled.”

Katie Chamberlain

“My experience with NW Injury Law Center was very good. They settled my case fast and the staff was helpful and friendly.”

Darrel Burns

“My experience with this firm was great. I would highly recommend them! I liked the personal touch of being able to speak with them anytime I needed anything. “

Kellie Brahm

“I would highly recommend your firm without reservation. It was such a pleasure working with you Don, and your staff!”

Walter Koc

I liked how Mr Jacobs explained my options at time of settlement and was able to make use of his great reputation to reach a fair settlement quickly. I felt my case was in good honest hands the whole time. I’d recommend anyone with an injury case to your firm 100%.

Dave Lundy

I would highly recommend your firm. I was treated very professionally and loved the communication! No complaints!

Ray Cook