‘Getting Hip’ to Hip Replacement Recall

As our bodies go through the natural wear and tear of time, some people will encounter the need for a hip replacement as the deterioration of the natural joint leads to debilitating pain and loss of mobility.  Two of the most prominent hip replacements on the market are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, DePuy Orthopedics.  Unfortunately for the multitudes of people with these products implanted in their bodies, a recall of these top two hip replacements has been initiated due to defects.

In August of 2010, DePuy began a voluntary recall of the ASTRM XL Acetabular System and the ASTRM Hip Resurfacing System.  The recall was brought about by at least 400 reports of problems with these devices, including loss of mobility and extreme pain shortly after the hip replacement surgeries were performed.  Ironically, these complaints were the same reasons the patients had the replacements done in the first place.

Usually, when someone undergoes hip replacement surgery, they can expect the implant to last about 15 years before the possibility of having another surgery rears its head. Unfortunately, hundreds of people have found the need for corrective surgery within only five years of the original implants being inserted, experiencing severe pain and suffering along with considerable inconvenience.

The reason behind these recalls is the manner in which they were designed.  DuPuy hip replacement products are manufactured with metal bearings designed to act as an artificial joint.  Over time, though, the bearings are prone to wearing down because of friction, which can lead to metal particles being released internally, damaging the surrounding bone and tissue.

Almost 93,000 of these hip replacements have been implanted worldwide, and complaints have been continuing for more than two years now.  The FDA, in a reaction to the growing number of complaints has begun to investigate DuPuy’s products which have now been completely recalled in the US.

In August of 2010 the first of many lawsuits against DuPuy Orthopedics was filed by a Florida woman. Complications caused by her implant forced her to undergo another surgery and receive a new implant (purchased from one of DuPuy’s competitors).

If you or someone you know has had a hip implant surgery in the last several years, be sure to contact a medical provider immediately to see if this product recall impacts you.  If so, you should find an attorney to find out about compensation for any complications suffered.

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