Common Legal Questions After a Truck Accident

truck accident law

Commercial trucks, which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, pass motorists every day on the roads and highways without incident. Still, sometimes a commercial truck can run awry, careen out of control, spill its freight or even lead to fatal accidents as cars, themselves are usually 36 times smaller.

Statistics indicate that while the accident rate isn’t out of control, there are several thousand accidents per year resulting in death and thousands more resulting in injury. In the event that you are involved in a truck accident, the very best approach is to be informed.

Will insurance cover my injuries?

Yes. Truck drivers are required, by law, like all motorists, to carry insurance and have to be sure to have liability coverage as well as collateral or damage to property. If you are lucky enough to survive the accident, it’s important to call from the police station, highway, or hospital to ensure that you report the incident to your insurance company. Also, you must remember to get the insurance information of the driver of the commercial truck, contact information, and copy of the police report once you file one regarding the accident.

Is a lawyer a good idea?

Oftentimes, a lawyer is actually a great idea because extensive injuries could impact your ability to go back to work in a timely manner, therefore affecting your livelihood. If mental, emotional, or physical stress or injury occur, it‘s advisable to speak with an attorney to go over your compensation options.

A winning truck accident case will hinge largely upon the concept of “reasonable care.” Commercial drivers must take reasonable care to avoid injury and accident, so your attorney will need to prove that reasonable care was not taken.

Since it can be easy to lose control or judgment of such a large vehicle, reasonable care, or lack thereof, is actually often the cause of accident. Witnesses, the police report, and the investigation will help prove liability and win your case.

Will the shipper or trucking company be responsible?

It’s not always simple to determine in commercial truck accidents because of the two- or three-party nature surrounding the case. The company or shipper will often have its own insurance as will the truck driver. Your attorney will help guide you through the process, but do remember that your insurance company will also potentially retain attorneys.

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