$2.2 Million Recovery

head injury and fracture from pedestrian collision

$2.1 Million Recovery

fractured low back, hip and leg from auto collision

$1.6 Million Jury Verdict

brain injury from pedestrian collision

$1.3 Million Jury Verdict

fractured right leg from trucking collision

$1.1 Million Recovery

head injury from negligently operated vehicle

$550,000 Recovery

fractured right ankle and clavicle from pedestrian collision

$500,000 Recovery

fractured wrist from auto collision

$500,000 Recovery

fractured neck from motorcycle collision

$471,000 Recovery

fractured knee from trucking collision

$425,000 Jury Verdict

neck and knee surgery from motorcycle collision

$425,000 Recovery

low back surgery from auto collision

$400,000 Recovery

hip injury from auto collision

$350,000 Recovery

head injury and fractures from bicycle collision

$303,000 Jury Verdict

shoulder injury from trucking collision (only one dollar offered before trial)

$265,000 Jury Verdict

shoulder injury from fall off ladder

$260,000 Recovery

ankle fracture from fall on unsecured flooring

$249,798 Arbitration Award

multiple fractures from motorcycle collision

$240,000 Recovery

multiple fractures from pedestrian collision

$235,000 Recovery

left arm fracture from dog attack

$225,000 Recovery

tinnitus and “soft tissue” injury from motor vehicle collision

$160,000 Jury Verdict

neck injury from auto collision

$150,000 Recovery

“soft tissue” injuries from motor vehicle collision

$150,000 Recovery

fractures from trucking collision

$150,000 Jury Verdict

knee injury from fall down stairs

$130,000 Recovery

rib fractures from construction site injury

$125,000 Recovery

neck, back and psychological injuries from trucking collision

$115,000 Recovery

fractured leg from defective garden tiller

$106,000 Jury Verdict

leg fracture from auto collision